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A new release is ready for download. This version fixes issues with hibernating to logical volumes. With this version, if your system has a swap partition, you should no longer need to provide a resume= parameter on the command line. TuxOnIce will automatically set the resume= parameter to the first swap partition it finds, unless it finds an image header on another swap partition (in which can it will resume using that partition's information). This applies even if you only use file based storage, because the block that resume= points to is ONLY used to tell us where to find the start of the image proper. This swap device doesn't even have to be swapon'd when you start to hibernate for this functionality to work correctly.

Please report any problems with on the TuxOnIce mailing lists. Nigel hopes to do a 3.1 release in the near future, and would love to get bugs squashed beforehand!

TuxOnIce has been released. This is a new test release as we prepare for 3.1. This release addresses all bugs found since last week's release.

TuxOnIce has been released. This is a test release as we prepare for 3.1. It adds support for UUIDs, and includes a big rework of the lowlevel I/O code to clean things up and let you use swap and a file together (treat a file as a fallback for swap or viceversa). The UUID support brings us one step closer to having our Ubuntu PPA installation be as simple as apt-get install and reboot!